This is Why the 2JZ is so special !

It seems like in the 90’s all Japanese sports cars manufacturers were throwing a lot of money at tech, innovation and strong and powerful engines!  There are a few to hold the podiums that will most likely remain modern day legends.

Just after Nissan released the RB26DETT in the powerful and agile R34, Toyota decided to push it’s all new straight six – the famous 2JZ-GTE. Unlike Nissan Toyota first released it’s six into the Toyota Aristo, also known as the Lexus GS300s. But the moment of glory came when they decided to put it in the Supra coupe .

During the time there was a pact called the “gentleman’s agreement” which limited the power output of all Japanese cars. The JDM 1993 Toyota Supra turbo came with 280hp on board and in the US the A80 launched with bigger injectors and stronger turbos that brought the Toyota Supra horsepower rating was increased up to 320hp at 5,600 rpm !

photo: Toyota UK

What’s so special about it ?

“2JZ no shit”

Right from the start it was a huge effort. It had dual overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, an ignition system that was not relying on a distributor and state of the art sequential turbos that were liquid cooled. All in all the engine was able to propel the car from 0-60 in just under 5 seconds, which for its time was considered quite fast.
That’s if you keep the Supra stock. No one keeps it stock. What’s so special about this powerplant is that it is very strong.

“Nothing is stronger that love, except a 2jz-gte!”

The engine has an iron block instead of aluminum that has seven bearings which hold the crank firmly. The 12-counterweight forged steel crankshaft can withstand huge amounts of power and revs, the water and oil pump were also over engineered  and can handle mods without a problem. The engine’s fully closed deck means that it can withstand enormous pressure.
All of this translates to engine mods on stock internals ranging from 700-800hp, mind you many tuners has went up a figure with a bit more work! That’s the main reason you see it as swap in almost every possible car.

engine 2jz
photo: Toyota UK

Limitless power

The 2JZ-GTE offers limitless potential for the enthusiast that dares to try. The most popular mods include big-bore and stroke kits, that swap the intake and exhaust and ditching the sequential turbos for one big chunk!

The 2JZ was a highly advanced engine for it’s time and in 1998 it got a variable valve timing for the JDM models. Although it’s 25 years old it still kills everything you throw in its way !


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