What to know and look for when Buying a Used EVO
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The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or also known as just the EVO was a sports sedan produced, designed, manufactured and proudly wearing the Mitsubishi Motors logo. The car is basically a cut down roadgoing rally version of the normal Lancer. It was initially produced only for domestic use but the great market let to the car being offered various markets in 1998 and then in the US in 2003. Some of the latest versions of the EVO would reach 446 ps and as shown by Top Gear the IX can effortlessly keep up with the Lamborghini Murcielago on the track. It's main rival is the Subaru Impreza, although both cars seem to be equal, most people think that the EVO is "more equal", in other words, the better car.

Congratulations in picking the Mitsubishi Evolution. These cars are pretty sturdy, offer good performance and have tons of potential. They are relatively easy to tune and modify in comparison to other cars in the same league.

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First you should figure out which EVO sports car you want. As you may know there are exactly ten of them. They are all good sporty sedans but the `03 version is the first one to be legally introduced in the US and it's the cheapest one so you can start from there. Next you should look for the car that has all the extras you want and it should be with a lowest possible mileage. That is the obvious, but what is not obvious is that the digital odos can be fairly easily rolled back so it's mostly up to you to choose a decent car !

Once you get to the car, look closely at everything, make a list and follow it. Now this is very important, you would like to find a car that is as close to stock as possible !

Start expecting the engine compartment, look at the radiator, do the fins look slightly bent; does it look like someone was playing around, changing turbos and putting back the stock one back ? Check the stock intake, is it solid; does it being put on and off a few times ? Check the oil, is it good fresh brown color or a black coal one ? Check the tap too, does the oil cap and pull have foam white on them ? Look at the rims, are they bent, or repaired ? Light scuffs are ok. Look at the tires are they in a good condition ? New tires don't come cheap, especially for this car and they are very important for its performance. If they are bad you will have to find car tires .

The transmission will naturally feel notch but you will have to try it. Have a feel for it, now does it shift smoothly, does the leaver have a lot of play ?
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