The exterior – How does the sports car look ? If the exterior has been neglected then most likely the rest of the car has been looked after poorly too ! Check for rust, usually Mitsubishi cars handle rust good but if the car was in a crash and not mended properly you are looking at hours and hours of work which will come costly.

photo: @amyjane_1995

Brake check, when driving try two different tactics, first slam on the brakes and see if the abs works properly, the second time try to stop increasing the breaking pressure – is the wheel shaking; can you hear the rotors wiggle; is the car stopping smoothly ?

Collect as much information as possible. Write down the VIN number of the car and call Mitsubishi. Ask if the car has many repairs between $800 and $3000 done under warranty, if so you are looking at a car that has been ridden hard. You would want to stay away from such money pits. If you live in the states seek a carfax report even if you have to pay for one. Those are money well spent. Check everything very carefully and if something smells fishy – ask ! It’s better to wait for a good example than to rush your buy.

Where should you begin with the EVO ?

First of all, congrats you now own a JDM legend ! As we’ve said, these are cars with great potential and are open for performance upgrades. Before starting with the extensions be sure to drive the car a good 3000-5000 miles to make sure everything works. If anything needs maintenance do it !

photo: @amyjane_1995

Where should you Start with the mods :

Now you have a feel for the car, for its performance and maintenance. You can start tweaking and upgrading. Before you start ordering parts and filling your garage with boxes, be sure to make a plan and think what you want and expect from the car. There is no need to replace the blow off valve or even the exhaust if your only goal is to have a decent 12 second car. What you should do first is have some information , install gauges and record what your car usually produces. It’s vital because how could you say you’ve made your car faster if you don’t have a measure ? If you seek someone with a bit more experience there is a right place for every question. Usually search for forums like the This is a great place for the enthusiast like you.
And now lastly but not least a few bits of vital information. All currently produced American market evo's have the 2.0 liter 4g63 turbo motor.

How much boost is my car running stock?It depends on the year: 03-04s run 19.5psi at 3500rpm, which tapers to 16psi by 6500rpm 05-06s run 20.3psi at 3500rpm, which tapers to 17psi by 6500rpm
photo : @amyjane_1995

How big is my stock turbo? Evo's come with different variations of the 16g turbocharger: 03-04 = 16g6 with a 9.8cm^2 turbine housing 05 = 16g6 with a 10.5cm^2 turbine housing 06 = 16g6 with a 10.5cm^2 turbine housing and larger compressor housing

What is stock fuel pressure? 43psi with the vacuun hose off and plugged.

How much does fuel pressure increase when I am boosting? 1:1 = 1psi per 1psi

What size are the stock fuel injectors? 560cc
All in all the EVO is a great choice for the Tuner. It is a of the great sedans very durable and very potent on the track. The Evo sports car is one of the finest example the wears Mitsubishi motors logo . It’s as close as you’ll get to a ready made rally going road car ! And if you have kids, you can always go for the evo wagon !

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