Five of the Fastest and most Valuable Cars around the Nürburgring
Ah the Nürburgring, it craved its name into every sports cars enthusiast's head thanks to it's twisty bends that scale up and down leading straights that can potentially show every car's top speed. The only measure for cars used to be the 0-60 times, their power output and that's it. But the more knowledgeable of us know that these don't matter if the car can't put them to work.

The Nürburgring has become the standard when testing the performance of a car, not just sports cars but luxury cars, hatchbacks, family sedans and even vans and suvs! In this top 5 list we will show you some of the best performers and their laps caught on video, mostly cars that matter the most to us !

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Time 6:52.01 (rank 2)

Yeah, Noble may have beaten Lamborghini in the hot lap, but is it roadworthy ? It's a purposefully build Leman style car, that isn't be any good as a roadgoing car. How about the Hurracan then ? Well it's probably one of the best super cars that can be also used as a daily. In fact since it's owned by VW Group, we're sure that the development breakthroughs will be used down the line even in the everyday cars made by the company. Thanks to its perfect aerodynamics, a powerful 640 horsepower engine and a very potent chassis, the Perfomante is 28 seconds faster than the standard Huracan ! It did its lap in the shocking 6:52.01

Porsche 918 Spyder - Time - 6:57.00 (rank 4)

We can sit and discuss the Porsche's capabilities and the smart tech that's been put inside, but why does the 918 really matter ? It simply shows that the future is here. It puts a different meaning to the word "hybrid" that we used to associate with the plain boring Prius. It really puts a new light on the whole hybrid concept.

Nissan GT-R Nismo - Time - 7:08.68 (rank 7)

Although the Japanese manufacturers seemed to have stopped building the legendary sports cars they got famous for, the Nissan Nismo stands as one of the few beacons of hope. Nissan put themself out of trouble with the Skyline once, now they are trying to do the same with the Nismo branding. To be honest it's working out great for them !

Camaro ZL1 - Time - 7:29.0 (rank 35 )

The Nürburgring was a reserved space for European and Japanese cars only ! The ZL1 was a truly remarkable effort in the World of Motorsport ! It proves that the Americans finally get it and they are going in the right direction. American cars can now tackle a corner !

Honda Civic Type-R - Time - 7:43.80 (rank 65 )

The Honda is not the fastest car in the Nurburgring universe but it's the fastest forward-wheel-driven falling just behind the 911 GT3 RS, putting to shame cars like the M3 GTS, M5, the Subaru WRX STI and numerous more cars that echoed their names in the hall of fame of the car universe !

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