The NSX had a sister - The Forgotten 1985 Mazda MX-03
A tech-loaded idea to exhibit the absolute best Mazda brought to the table in 1985.

Name: Mazda MX-03
First Appearance: 1985 Tokyo Motor Show
Specs: tri-rotor turbocharged 1962cc motor with 315 hp, four-speed programmed transmission, four-wheel guiding, four-wheel drive

Why do We Remember It Now: 

From a mechanical point of view, we think this low profiled stunning coupe is worthy of your attention ! It's always interesting when a well known manufacturer decides to introduce a all new sports car.

Mazda sports cars were always awesome ! - The mark 2 RX-7 was without a doubt Mazda's star at Tokyo, and one of the few cool coupes demonstrated around 32 years ago, you could state it stole the MX-03's spotlight. Pressing all the tech fancy odds in the Japanese saloon boosted Mazda’s reputation a lot. The four-seater got an advanced three-rotor, turbocharged 1962cc motor pushing out a respectable 315 stalions.


All that Zoom-Zoom power was diverted to both axles via a four-speed auto transmission that had a unique gearshift molded to fit your palm perfectly. For the time that the car came out - 1985, it was in its own class – the truly  amazing  MX-03 had a four-wheel steering to enhance cornering and additionally the control reaction and sharpness. The  four-wheel-drive was always on, the framework highlighted an electronically controlled torque-split mechanism that was movable at will, a well made new futuristic car . The cabin was styled like true jet fighter ! It makes you wonder where modernday lambos got the idea from.

Mazda had a forward thinking and it shows !

In case you're asking why the cars doesn't have a wing mirror on the passanger’s side, this is on the grounds that Mazda chose to dispose of it as an approach to diminish drag and lift the auto's streamlined efficiency. For a similar reason, an incorporated back spoiler was included, while the fenders were tweaked too to make the car as smooth as possible. The final product?  A car that had the Mazda rotary power, produces a decent amount of downforce along with a drag coefficient of just 0.25.

mazda new

Mazda developed the car, purely as a concept, they didn’t have any intention of producing it whatsoever, Mazda had the flexibility to run hard and fast with the MX-03, therefore making something unique - cutting edge inside a truly innovative and advanced dashboard, and innovative controls.

Execution astute, Mazda said the 2+2 Mazda sport coupe had a top speed of 180 mph (290 Kph), yet honestly it was all the more a hypothetical figure since the MX-03's greatest speed was never really tried. Same goes for its 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) sprint that was said to take around 4.3 seconds.  It must have been really quick !

source : motor1

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