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Like most of us Zach is a true fan of sports cars and high performance sports cars all together. Unlike most of us he has won numerous tuning awards with his tricked out, pumped up Subaru STI.  His father played a great role in shaping his character. One might not but wonder when he sees his car if his car insurance is cheap. It's definitely an eye catcher !
Zach -
I've always had a passion for cars, not just imports but best classic muscle cars too. I also grew up in a family of racers and have been a race car driver my entire life.

Why the STI ?

The STI because of the all wheel drive platform, strong tranny and just an all around good looking car.

sti front

What was your first love ?

Hahaha my first street legal car other then race cars was a 65 vw bus that I was restoring into a little weekend get-away camper. My very first love for a car was when I was 4 years old and I hopped in my first quarter midget.

Any plans for the future ?

Well my sti is pretty close to how I want it now just did a few big changes different color and carbon varis front bumper. Later on this year I will purchase another car and get to work on it probably a frs.

He has the perfect dream car program !

mad color

Car Menu : 

Owner : Zach Sawyers ,
Hometown : Gilbert, Az,
Car model 2010 sti hatchback .
Power : 330hp to the wheels.
Engine mod list : tomei un equal length headers, invidia up/down and mid pipe, Perrin catback, grim speed electric boost controller,  Cobb v2 access port, might do some injectors, fuel pump e85 and some other small things keep the power down so I can drive it daily without issues.

Mechanic : I do all the maintenance and the upgrades !

Wheels : Cosmis xt-206rs 18/11 +8 all the way around
Tires : Nitto invos 275/40 al the way around
Bodykit : Mnt rider wide body kit

Additional upgrades :

Provo mirrors
Varis front bumper with carbon lip
Engle side skirt extensions, lip and diffuser
Custom chassi mount wing with carbon deck
Vis racing carbon hood
Siebon carbon hatch
Spec d headlights
Valenti tailights
3m vinyl wrapped
Airlift performance suspension

sti interior


Status racing seats
Infocus shift knob
Wrapped interior to match exterior color
Trunk air tank setup
Zach Sawyers

Who would you like to thank ?

Don't really have any sponsors did everything myself but would like to thank my father and grandpa for getting me into cars and racing at such a young age and my mom for being there every step of the way!

You can follow Zach at his instagram @sti.zzy . We'll be sure to keep you up to date with his progress!

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