We all love cool sports cars like the WRX STi (formerly known as the Impreza). There is a special place for the AWD high performance sedans. If you are already Subaru drivers, you’re already a convert. No one knows better than you that they’re great vehicles that can last for years.

They’re are pretty rugged, fairly good looking and most importantly high-performing. You can drive one for as long as you want – they’re incredibly durable if properly maintained.

#1 The Subaru WRX is sadly the Most Ticketed Car

We all know the good news - the Subaru WRX is a sporty fun car to drive. The bad news on the other side is that many WRX drivers usually enjoy driving their car so much that they have developed a heavy foot. This results in a lot of traffic tickets. Statisticly speaking the WRX is usually preferred by the younger side of drivers that are more likely to push the pedal to the metal and fly through speed zones. Recent research made by Insurance.com validates our words and shows that 33.6% of Subaru WRX drivers reported being ticketed for speeding violations. The truth is that you should enjoy your Subaru, but do it within the reasonable limits!

#2 Every Subaru is built to last

If you want your car to be faithful and reliable you go for Subaru. According to the manufacturing company 96% of all Subarus are specially engineered to last at least 12 years, and we know this is true as many of the older variations of the car can still be found tearing up roads and dirt all around us.

CMR 1993

#3 WRX - Subaru WRC - 555 -  blue and yellow.

Have you ever wondered why most Subaru nuts are forever clad in blue-and-yellow, well wonder no longer – while the Prodrive-built 555 wasn't Fuji Heavy Industry's, it is the first lay foot into the World Rally Championship, it's by far arguably the most iconic. With the Scottish Subaru saint - no other than Colin McRae at the wheel, the 300-hp Group A Subaru Impreza rally racer has performed a lot better than the previous Legacy GT due to being smaller, nimbler and lighter.

The sedan vehicle was sliding sideways, spitting fire and gravel like one of the Scandinavian elder Gods, the 555 did fairly well in its first year, but really captured the public's imagination in 1995 when McRae took the WRC driver's championship title. The brilliant Scotsman gave Subaru three manufacturer championships before he left to race for Citro├źn and Ford.

Colin McRae is a true legend for all hardcore Subaru fans and following his tragic death with a helicopter, over one thousand grieving WRX owners would gather every year to spell out his name using only their cars on the famous main straight at Prodrive's test track.

sti 22b

#4 The Dream - 1998 WRX STi 22B

Ask any hardcore Subaru enthusiast what his favorite car is and he will give you a short answer - Subaru Impreza 22b STI. The best WRX STI Impreza of them all ! The car was made for Subarus 40th anniversary and is a widebody two-door Impreza, stunningly looking, with a hand-assembled 2.2L stroker, with 276bhp and a stonking roll-on torque, especially when maneuvers during high speeds. It's basically a WRC race car made fo the road. The car was initially sold only in JAPAN. The 400 units were sold just 30 minutes after they were announced ! Twenty four additional cars were made for overseas, but sadly non for North America.

#5 All cars are made for a symmetrical all-wheel drive

While AWD is usually associated with luxury cars, every Subaru is made to be an AWD vehicle straight from the ground. And while some best sedan cars offer this drive option, nobody does it as good as Subaru. This is particularly to the fact that Subaru vehicles are the only ones on the market with as ymmetrical all-wheel drive system. This system allows for a peerless balance of power to all four wheels while in the same time power from the engine moves flawlessly in one simple straight line throughout the whole transmission and is transferred to the drive train in such a way that both sides are symmetrical.

Symmetrical AWD equals better traction, balance and control. All WRX sedan s and in fact all STI mid size cars use this system. Not to mention, that Subaru drivers tend to worry a lot less than other drivers about driving through snow drifts during the unpredictable New England winters.

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