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Believe us, we empathies when it comes to saying goodbye to your favorite car. And no, we’re not talking about getting your car stolen or something like that – we’re talking the time when you have to finally sell it. But face it's time for your old sedan to go !
But the mere truth is – saying goodbye to your ride gives you the chance to lay your hands on something even better and more exciting. So, let’s talk about the things you need to do in order to sell your car in a blink of an eye. Selling a car as is is not the best idea. Even if you drive a sporty suv , it has to look great !

8.Snap the Right Shot

Using your old phone to take a photo of the sedan and then using that crappy low-resolution photo to advertise your car – well, that’s not gonna help in any way to sell your car. It’s common sense that the first impression is one of the primary things to count on so make sure to make it worthwhile. And while this might sound as a very simple tip, you’d get surprised to find out how many car sellers actually make this mistake.

If you’re not an owner of a professional camera don’t worry at all. A smart phone will do the job just as well – the only thing you need is your clean car, good light and space so that you can take multiple photos from disparate angles. Also, taking photos from different heights will also provide the potential buyers with the opportunity to get a better feel of the car.

7.Know your car's history

Learn your lesson – meaning make sure to know your car’s history. If you’re planning to share your receipts and service records, then you need to be also able to answer what the last check of your car was if you get such question. Either way they will check your car insurance. If you have sufficient knowledge, the buyer will feel at ease with you and will be more willing to invest his money in your car. Mastering this point will make it much easier for you to sell your car rather than having to repeat yourself over and over again in front of different buyers. The best car insurance will will not hide your damages.

6.Give it a thorough detail

This step comes before taking your advert photos – the car should be at its best state. This means that every inch of it should be scrubbed, polished, and cleaned. Just imagine if you were to buy a car and had to look at the trash of the previous owner?
Also, by letting the buyer see the car dirty he’d get pretty good impression how the car looks at its lowest point – something that you really don’t want. If you are very keen on it you could get a car interior service . Conversely, if the car is all-lush, then the buyer might think he’s found something way too unique to miss out on. If you don't want to do it yourself go to auto body repair service and make them do it, it's worth it !

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