yaris 210
photo credit : Toyota

Yes 210 hp in a Yaris. Toyota assures us that this compact sports cars will future every little bit of technology that was developed through Toyota's WRC effort, which will surely make it a pretty little potent sports car.

It is faster than sports cars like the BRZ / GT-86 but its main rivals are the Fiest ST, the Polo GTI, the Corsa VRX and the more powerful Clio 220.

There is no cooler compact sports car on the planet at this moment than the World Rally Championship Toyota Yaris. As far back as Toyota's maddest nut shell team began testing, there's been a sweeping need among rally fans for an overwhelmingly hot and forward thinking Yaris that we regular folks can purchase. Oh yeah, we really give it to Toyota—they're really making it !

Toyota reported yestarday (1.17.2017) that it will flaunt a superior three-entryway Yaris which has close genetics to its WRC brother at the Geneva Auto Show. Beyond any doubt to be the best and fasteds roadlegal Yaris ever—in spite of the fact that the bar for that is as a matter of fact low—the little auto will pack 210 musculine horses, or about twice what you'd get in a normal Yaris and ten more than the popular GT-86.

I've just observed the photos of it, however I urgently need to touch it with each fiber of my being. This is one of the best looking little sports cars !

new yaris

The new Yaris will bring a bunch of upgrades to the family Yaris line-up. Design innovation, a lot of tweaks. The engineers have also strengthened the body of the car by using clever technology and new kinds of crumple zones, so this little beast could potentially sustain any hit. The interior was also refreshed and brought up to date, unfortunately the plastic feel will still be present inside, although a lot about the cabin's dimensions was changed and now the car feels a lot roomier than before.

Toyota WRC
The Yaris racing car - Look at that huge spoiler !

Unfortunately for us Americans as Road & Track and Jalopnik for that matter noted, the announcements were made by Toyota Europe which means that there is a bit of a doubt if the new hot and powerful Yaris would ever have the chance to reach the shores of the United States. How ever the new Toyota sets the standards high even for a next generation Fiesta ST, which statistically speaking the Americans praised and loved. So let our voices be heard ! This will be a big step for Toyota! Please oh mighty Toyota - bring this little street demon of the top performance cars to the US !

sources : Toyota Europe, Jalopnik, Road & Track.
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