Remember seeing those 18 inch BBS RS auctioned for just 700$ on craigslist? What a deal, right? Unfortunately they are fake or possibly just replicas. Either way they are quite dangerous and you should better stick to your car's OEM wheels.

Why Replica Wheels are Dangerous !

It is very hard to distinguish a factory Replicas/Fake wheels from a genuine ones just by looking at it. There are a few signs we will discuss bellow that show that out.

Although they look the same, the materials and fabrication is different. The worst case scenario will be buying a replica of a forged wheels design.
Most importantly the rim will not hold up that well when hitting uneven roads as it's demonstrated in the video at the bottom. It's doubtful that a replica is forged which means that even hitting a pothole with 50km/h can shatter it with pieces of metal flying around potentially hitting passersby. I definitely don't want that mounted on my car.

Why are they dangerous?

Genuine - It's the planning that sets them apart. When factory wheels are made and designed, top priorities fall in the order :

1. Safety and durability from road hazards (potholes, etc.).
2. Safety and durability from road salts, car wash acids, chemicals, etc.
3. Safety and ability to withstand the weight of the vehicle in any situation.
4. Proper fitment to ensuring everything works without vibrations
5. OEM manufacturers have a name; they will do anything to protect it so it's in their best interest that there are no recalls.
6. A lot of money go into research, development, testing and regulations in order to prevent a car crash that was caused by damaged wheels.

Fale - In comparison the main points when making replicas are quite the opposite !

1. Producing the lowest possible manufacturing price (cheapest materials and methods)
2. Fit almost every car, they are mass produced and don't take into account the unique characteristics of every model.

Most Replica manufacturers don't go through any testing whatsoever, nor they spend any effort in making the designs, they just copy the looks.

The simple truth is that while replicas might look almost exactly the same, using the cheapest manufacturing methods - simply pouring aluminum into a mold without applying any pressure and then leave it to cool will not produce the strongest wheel.

And mind you most sports car OEM wheels are "Forged", which means that the aluminum is preheated to extreme temperatures and then crushed with 900 bars of pressure into the mold, making it extremely dense. In this way the wheel becomes extremely light and strong. The design of the wheel is dictated from the materials it is made from.

Also, if you want to keep a low car insurance you should better shop from the certified auto tire center.

How to distinguish Replicas

Always look at the back of the rim and look for signs and marks they hold the truth.

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