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Exotic cars are a dream goal that not many of us can achieve. The high performance luxury sports cars have always inspired us. Unfortunately they are not by any standards cheap and are definitely not by most people's bank accounts, but be that as a may there are a few cars that have their used values priced just about right.

There is still hope for the middle-class men that we are to enjoy an exotic ride and fulfill a dream that was ones just a wall poster.

5. 2008 Maserati Quattroporte GTS

The Maserati Quattroporte (yes that literary means - "four doors") is something special and unique. These top luxury sedans were classified by former Top Gear as one of the cars with the best engine notes. If that is not enough to seduce you, the car is filled with luxury from top to bottom, it is practical too.

It can easily fit four and it offers plenty of space and storage. It even has a proper Ferrari based 4.2 V8 engine and a decent 6-speed automatic with a manual mode ! It's really one of the best luxury sedans out there.


It's a dream then! Owning cool luxury cars ... Oh my god yes!!!! Unless of course something breaks and has to be fixed. Only then will you fully understand how could this car be this cheap!

Pros :

You get Ferrari like luxury and performance at a reasonable price.

Cons :

You start paying after you purchase the car. Just don't ask about exotic car insurance.

Next stop, the one and only Honda that is truly respected by all.

4. 1991 Honda NSX

This one here is a true exotic Acura JDM, although it is a healthy 5 grand above the $35 000 margin and it's actually an Acura. With that being said the cool sports cars are definite future classics, in this context some even compare it to Porsche's 911.

With increased recognition of Japanese cars from a collectors point of view and with the combination of the model's history and the release of the new model - the NSX value is only going up. And it shows, it's ever getting harder to find a decent low mileage model under $60 000.

Five Forgotten Exotics You Could Own For Under $35 000

Pros :

One Pro side is that the NSX is very fun to drive. It's not as quick as it should on the highway but the light aluminum body makes it handle well on the track. Plus, the car has a very beautiful shape. They hold pretty good value for their age.

Cons :

There are a few issue with some NSXs over the years. Common ones are snap transmissions rings. The water reserve tank and some seals break easily. However, they are not cheap to fix. Owning and maintaining the car is already breaking the bank.

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