5 Forgotten Exotics You Could Own For Under $35 000 part 2

3. 1991 Bmw 850i - $10 900

This German engineered supercar is not to be missed out easily. Just like the Honda it's styling was influenced by the "pop up" headlights movement. This bad boy sports a rather small V12 pumping 295 healthy stallions that will give you a steady top speed of 250 km/h. BMW 850i are definitely good sporty luxury cars. An interesting fact is that its rear tires are the widest you can get in Europe. This was genuinely the first bmw sports car I fell in love with.


This is (to me ) one of the best looking BMWs ever made. Enough power, a v12 and a decent top speed that you wouldn't be able to appreciate unless you are living in Germany.


MPG is bad, pretty expensive tires, lots of maintenance upkeep.


2. 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo - $32 955

The Porsche might not be a top-exotic but it definitely has the pedigree and the looks to be one. Believe me, in this you will look expensive it is still one of the prettiest cars the German manufacturer has ever produced, although it was not so widely accepted by the Porsche community at first, mainly due to the all knew headlights styling.

What you get in this package is a decent 415 hp engine and a manual, packed in on of the best sports coupes to hit the streets.


It's really Fun, powerful, sleek profile and one of a kind. Having said this car proudly wears the Porsche symbol - parts are not that expensive !


Gas mileage very poor, it's not practical and it's good as a second or a third car.


1. 1993 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE - $20,000.00

I feel like a moviestar already! Remember pretty woman, a beauty who knows all about cool sports cars and it's not afraid to step on it. This is the same lotus sports car model the Turbo SE Coupe 2-Door with a 2.2L 2174CC l4 GAS DOHC Turbocharged engine!

This is one of the best handling beautiful sports cars money can buy. Its styling shows its aging but it can definitely show a thing or two to newcomers.

As one user review states: "One amazing, beautiful car but totally unsuitable for day to day driving. Went like absolute stink, at home on twisty A roads thru the Pennies, a bit tricky on roundabouts when warming up due to the overboost. One of the best luxury sports cars ! I want one again!!!"


Performance, beautiful looks, lightness and quirkiness.


Build quality is really terrible, 1970's cabin.

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