he 1001 HP Road Legal Supra

What's the outcome of when German precision meets Japanese engineering - a 1001 hp 2JZ Autobahn Supra monster. David F. is a 26 years old mechanic from Würzburg, Germany. The fruit of his hands for the last few years he invested in a very special car, a Trd wide-body original six-speed Toyota Supra he built on his own ! He loves the manual feel of the car, it's hard to drive fast and it will definitely punish your every mistake.

What started your passion?

I worked as a car mechanic. I think my job has a lot to do with it. And I like things that not anybody can have. Things that are not bought but build!

I like really fast cars, especially turbo ones, I love their sound. I also love rare cars that have something special. The Supra is really rare here in Germany, to be more specific there are only about 70 Original 6 Speeds manual cars in Germany and with a Trd widebody.


Why the Supra ?

If you take a modern-day GTR, I think they all look the same, they’ve got no character for me, no heart you know what I mean?! And the new cars got all Kinds of computers helping the driver. And I wanted a Car that will punish you if you can’t drive. It’s Car that scares me. Something with a 6speed manual. Not a Car that my grandma can drive like a lunatic to the store and back. I needed something with a "wow" Effect.

What are your plans for the future ?

Just maintain the car and drive it as much as I can. The power is enough for a street car.

Car Menu

Owner -        David F. 26
Home town- Würzburg in Germany
Power-  1000+ whp

supra touch

The Car is mapped on 4 Stages of boost all available to control via Touch Screen.

1,2 bar it made 719hp
1,4 bar
1,6 bar
2,0 bar it made 1057 hp to the wheels.
2 bar of boost is "nothing" we could Easily brake 1100 or even 1200 HP but the 2 bar is the save engine limit for racing on the German Autobahn.

Engine- Fully built engine, head and block, built with the best parts you can get!
Triple Carbon clutch from RPS. Lots of Parts from Powerhouse Racing for aesthetically enhancing the engine – makes it clean and shiny.
Hypertune intake manifold.

Whifbitz, twin-scroll twin-wastegate Turbo kit with bog Warner turbo.
Trd mounts engine and tranny
5 inch ETS intercooler with Custom piping. Powerhouse racing driveshaft.... The list is very Long😂

Wheels & Tires- Weld RTS wheels 18 inch in front and 15 inch in the rear with 325/50r15 Mickey Thompson drag radial tires.


Exterior- New paint - a Bmw Havanna brown.

Interior - Trd Tacho, Trd steering wheel. Original c's short shifter.
Sparco Milano seats. Sparco 4 Point harness. Custom made roll cage.
 Syvecs s6 ecu with toucan touchscreen. Complete new gauge Cluster, anything that was available from Toyota I purchased new.

Suspension- Complete new bushings. Trd diff

Brakes- All new brakes.

Final Words

This is my finest accomplishment – I built this being  just 26 years old. I worked my ass off in the last few years to Safe the money for the car. Its my 3 one.
I’ve also have a Mercedes C class as a daily and a Benz  CL63 AMG but I don't like bragging about luxury cars .

You can follow David and track his progress on his instagram page @david_f_aus_f

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