There are a few things that can make a car guy cringe - grinding gears, knocking engine sounds, stupid drivers, people who pretend to know a lot about cars but can't pronounce a certain German luxury cars manufacturer correctly.

Yeah you know what's up. Pepole usually start off quite well with the first three letters but mess up badly anyway with the second syllable.
Porsche is quite savage for making this video, but they are subtle too, it's not in your face, it's more : "please say it the right way".

Anyway,  it is a shame that there are so much people who can’t pronounce Porsche – one of the most successful brands in many branches of motorsport of which most have been in long distance races.

For those who want to watch the video they can skip right to the bottom of the article, others who want to educate themselves a bit can read it through.

street 962

Despite their early involvement in motorsports being limited to supplying relatively small engines to racing underdogs up until the late 1960s, by the mid-1950s Porsche had already tasted moderate success in the realm of sports car racing, most notably in the Carrera Panamericana and Targa Florio, classic races which were later used in the naming of street cars. The Porsche 917 of 1969 turned them into a power house, winning in 1970 the first of over a dozen 24 Hours of Le Mans, more than any other company. With the 911 Carrera RS and the Porsche 935 Turbo, Porsche dominated the 1970s, and even has beaten sports prototypes, a category in which Porsche entered the successful 936, 956 and 962 models. This is the way they had to go through to become a one of the best European luxury sports cars brand !

Porsche is currently the world's largest race car manufacturer. It produces the most sports cars ready for racing . In 2006, Porsche built 195 race cars for various international motor sports events, and in 2007 Porsche is expected to construct no less than 275 dedicated race cars (7 RS Spyder LMP2 prototypes, 37 GT2 spec 911 GT3-RSRs, and 231 911 GT3 Cup vehicles). They are among the best sports luxury car brands .

Now imagine how it feels for a company with such a large heritage with by the ways is German, to know that most people can’t even pronounce their name, not to mention spelling it !

Porsche’s clever advertising department should also be accredited, this is something unique, interesting and involving, it also helps a lot with “brand recognizing”, and although I highly doubt that there are people who know the basic concept of a car, but don’t know about Porsche.  We all dream of having a Porsche sports car, but why not spell it correctly though ? Enjoy watching!

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