new rotary coupeThere is something special about Mazda that makes their sports cars so distinct. One key feature was a light weight body and a 50/50 weight distribution, mainly thanks to the rotary engine.
Ever since Mazda discontinued production of its last rotary powered sports coupe there have been rumors and news articles about the awaited victorious return of the RX series. We can’t be the only car guys that hope for a RX-9, right ?

It’s only logical right, after 8 comes 9, no not you Microsoft, I’m not talking to you right now. Unfortunately no, there won’t be a 9 in fact there won’t be a RX-9 either. All the claims and rumors about the return of one the most renowned sports cars were put to dust by a recent interview with Mazda’s CEO, Masamichi Kogai released by Automotive News.
Mazda CEO Miata

But who is to blame here ? Why doesn’t Mazda listen to its fans?

Their fans. Yes, we are to blame. The emissions regulations on new engines are so severe that even manufacturers like Ferrari had to opt for smaller units. In this new game the rotary engine with its naturally high fuel and oil consumption doesn’t stand a chance. Mazda seems to be more concerned making fuel efficient, hybrid or fully electric cars than the sports or luxury cars.

Citing Masamichi Kogai, citation from Automotive news:
“Considering regulations such as the zero-emissions vehicle mandate, electrification is a technology we need to introduce in the near future. The range extender would be the first. “

rx9 vision
Further more, when Automotive news asked Masamichi if we should hope for a RX-8 successor he killed them instantly.
“Could Mazda ever create an RX-8 sports car successor with a range extender?
I think that as a sports car option, the MX-5 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter conventional engine, with its power and acceleration, might be a more exhilarating experience.
No plans for a larger sports car entry with a range extender?
No. “

It's like choosing between a sedan or coupe . In other words the only true sports car we’re stuck with, that has the Mazda logo on its nose is the one and only Mazda Miata. Don't get me wrong we'll still have the sports versions of the Mazda 3 or Mazda 6 but it's not the same.
Some bits of hope remain though as Mazda is working on a a new turbocharged rotary, dubbed Skyactiv-R, but they haven’t confirm when (or if) this engine will reach production stages.
To sum up, another rotary powered coupe, or anything bigger than the Miata from Mazda is highly unrealistic as the company has to spend enormous amounts of money and effort in order to produce a new platform and a new engine, that most likely will not be able to reach the emissions regulations due to its design limitations.

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