You definitely read that right. Country Hills Toyota in Calgary, Alberta Canada just happens to have a 1990 red Toyota Supra Turbo with only 57 miles on the odometer sitting on its showroom floor. How is this possible in 2016″ you might ask yourself. The owner of Country Hills Toyota purchased this showroom queen in 1989 when it came in off of the transport truck and opted not to sell it for many years so that the value would increase over time. The Supra was always a fast car !

Canadian Toyota Dealer still has a Brand New 1990 Supra For Sale in his Showroom !


His gamble paid off as he only paid $25,000 dollars of the Supra when it rolled into the dealership. That doesn't sound like a high dollar figure today but in 1990 the Chevrolet Corvette sold at the same price. Today the Supra is valued around $3,500 dollars by Kelly Blue Book but the car valuing company doesn't take the pristine nature of showroom kept vehicles into account. Cars like this Canadian Mk3 Supra are considered speciality cars due to their immaculate condition and meticulous care. Those two reasons, and the fact that the Supra has become a collector’s car on its own right, are reason enough for the dealership’s owner to ask nearly $70,000 dollars for this 1990 Toyota Supra. That’s $50,000 U.S. dollars and a 280% increase from the vehicle’s original production value.
mk3 supra new

The Mk3 Supra is still on the dealership’s showroom floor today. It’s turbocharged 7M-GTE engine still produces the 232 horsepower it made in 1990 and shows no signs of wear and tear as it rests in a pristine engine bay that is devoid of any much and grime.
To ensure its seals and gaskets don’t become brittle the car is started, by the owner, once every two weeks and the oil is changed after hours on the showroom floor every 3 months. Although everyone is excited about the upcoming toyota supra ft1 , we love old JDMs too !

The interior is still in tip top shapes as well. The doors have been kept locked which has prevented any accidents have happening. Bored children and irresponsible salesmen have been kept outside the vehicle since it was placed on the showroom floor some 26 years ago. The seats are still clad in the same plastic covers used by factory delivery personnel.
mk3 supra 1990
The exterior was undoubtedly the hardest to preserve due to the Supra always sitting in the sunlight and the numerous people bustling about it every day. The turbocharged vehicle’s paint is kept spotless by the dealership’s detailers who also apply paint and clear conditioners to keep the paint looking brand new.
To keep scratches and dents from popping up all over the body the Supra is kept roped off so that no accident is possible.
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