The Seven Types Of Car Guys

We all love sports cars . For people with petrol running through their veins , the cars we drive say more about about us than anything else. It's more of a status symbol rather than a mere  A to B vehicle. It's an expression of our personality.
Each and every one of us is different but there are several specific types of car guys.  We would  try to cover most of our personas. We want you to meet them and tell us if you recognize yourself in one of our characters.

The tuner

-Trust me dude, this build was real cheap !

A Tuner, as a car is a vehicle that comes with a detuned engine, build by enthusiasts with real knowledge of car performance and aerodynamics. The tuners release the car’s regulated power and upgrade the car by installing mods and making additional changes, mostly performance orientated. Most of the times they overspend their initial budged and honestly it would have been cheaper to buy a new car that has the same or similar performance figures. Visual upgrades would be mostly subtle and difficult to discern unless their aim is to attract sponsors or they have to stand out.
The main tuner's ambition is to achieve supreme performance. You don't need to go to mechanic schools to know everything about sports cars .

tuner Honda

Most of them usually buy luxury cars just for scavenging vital parts that were made way better. Work is required mainly on the motor but also a good handful of revision and replacement of different parts. While engine modifications are central to the tuning process, extra changes would be also necessary to ensure that the car could actually handle the extra power that’s being released and respectively, increased BHP of the car. Better brakes, steering and transmission modifications, replacement of the tires with wider ones, and stiffened suspension are among those accompanying upgrades. On the outside, not much will change, with the exception of low tires, spoiler, and modified suspension.

The Drifter

-I'm Sure I have plenty of tire left for one more lap.

Drifters live a set of tires at a time, nothing else matters. Spending the day on the drift track requires a lot of skill and preparation. The usual question is always: “Got angle ?”. Drifters come to the track with purposefully build and fully prepared unique drift cars.

The wannabe drifter

-Hold my beer and watch this ... oh shhh.

We’ve all been that guy. It doesn’t even matter what car you’ve got (it would usually be your first car) but anything can be drifted, right ? What’s that handbrake for ? Parking ? Pffft.  You can’t call yourself a car guy if you haven't rolled over your car at some point.

The V8 guy

-There is no replacement for displacement. Only milk and coke come in 2.0L

We all love souped up cars , but some of us  take it too seriously.  Nothing beats the monotonous rumble of your V8 cruiser and when it’s time to go it sounds like Gods are fighting and the skies are about to fall. The V8 will always give you advice about the best muscle cars to build probably cites all the best classic muscle cars before going to sleep.
Have you heard of the V8 cult ? No? To this day I haven’t either but apparently it plays a vital role in the Mad Max: Fury Road.

The car show guy

-You may watch but never touch !

He will have a sweet looking ride, with a probably clean enough engine bay for you to eat your food on. Cleaning from fingerprints and spots occurs every  15 minutes or so. Detailing is a key. Worst nightmare would involve someone scratching his baby.

The broke ass over enthusiastic one

My car can't do much but look at this
Usually does burn outs against the wall or tries to imitate the “wannabe drifter”. This guy is open to some pretty useless but quite cheap ebay upgrades.  `Member turbo whistles ? Yeah I `member.

diy lambo

The DIY guy

A.K.A the Mighty Car Mods guys

He can usually fix anything, even if it doesn’t need fixing. Having such a friend is great, he will not save an effort to help you out. It’s a question of pride for him to be called for a auto repair in . He can make a 500$ repair job cost less than 1$ . In my case a friend who was car mechanic technician helped me take my engine apart found and fixed the problem with only 2$ worth of replace parts, a job that most shops quoted 800$ or greater. Most workshops worst nightmare. He beats the auto repair warranty any time.

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