Things That Can Make a Car Guy CRY
Being a car guy, I can definitely tell that we have some genetic differences - a mental disorder if you will. Start talking about sports cars and we lose interest in everything else !
Mention a turbo in a sentence and you’ve got a best friend for life. Unfortunately there are a few things that can make us truly emotional, the worst part is that most people don’t really understand why and we are left to mown on our own. Here is our list of things that will strike every car guy right in the feels.

Iconic Graveyard

What seems to regular people like a regular graveyard with mostly old metal junk to us is something truly devastating. Seeing that `69 Charger rust away in the dust is just too much for us. Want to make a car guy cringe ?
Just let him watch the destruction of illegally imported Skyline R34 and look deep into his eyes as his world will be falling apart right in front of you. We’ve recently released a video about a JDM graveyard that really blew the internet.

Losing you Idol.

We all have a figure in our heads that we like, idolize or pay great respect to. For the older generations it was Ayrton Senna, personally for me it was Colin McRae and for most of us was the all lovable Paul Walker. Ayrton showed the World that with a lot of dedication and evolution of skills you can reach to the top, he had a great character and played as a role model for most of the car fans from my father’s generation. I personally adored Colin McRae, he was fast, skilled, bold and honestly plain crazy !
What I liked the most about him was, that although he went through hell throughout his career he always had the stamina and the motivation to stand up and fight to the end ! And Paul, he made the love for cars mainstream. The first Fast and Furious felt like it was really directed at normal, ordinary people like us. It was the origin of many car quotes.
Car movies before that were always about some heist or a very complicated mission and had always featured some highly expensive supercars or at least some luxury sedans while we can all agree that the first installment of F&F was about your plain old VW Jetta, it felt like it focused on the simple things in life.
The great acting of Paul, Vin and the crew really made you feel like you were a part from their family. Paul Walker's death devastated us all.
bye top gear

Getting your favorite show canceled.

So long Top Gear we will miss you ! Although the iconic trio is making a new show, I think that it will never be the same as the old lovable Top Gear. Do you know why people loved to watch series top gear and no one watched the American version? Because it didn’t had the charm and it didn’t had enough substance.

Getting reconnected with your favorite car.

Do you remember your first car ? Yeah, the one that you drove like a lunatic and had crashed at some point. The car that got the most love and care as they seem to slowly fade away as go from car to car. The one they you probably couldn’t wait to hop in, just because you didn’t have a driving license before. I remember my mk2 Gti like it was yesterday. I saw it once a few years ago, I didn’t recognize the owner, but the car still had a few distinctive features that I had installed.
I was lucky enough to have a short drive, it really made me feel like a kid again ! Truth is, you may had an ordinary sedan but to you it was something truly amazing !

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