honda civic modified sports car

4. Honda Civic (any generation)

We are finishing our list with the most Mainstream cars of all. The street king of the US and its brother from another mother hauling in the streets of Europe. Sleeper nice sports cars. Let's kick it off with the Civic. The Civic, does it really need an introduction?
It's one of the greatest and most popular cars of all time. It's very lightweight and there are limitless opportunities for an engine swap! You can really compare it to a Lego kit for adults. Because it's such a popular car aftermarket parts are available in endless amounts, there are also tons and tons of information and instructions on DIY upgrades in forums and groups. The downside is that the market is now oversaturated with low-grade parts so be sure to buy them from authorized dealers or at least companies that you trust. Of course, it belongs to the Honda JDM cars .


- Vtec kicks in You!
- Lightweight!
- Cheap performance upgrades.
- Inlimited performance upgrades.
- Strong engines.
- Cheap thrills!
- Manual gearbox.
- Yes they had a Civic in the F&F


- Most of the cars are neglected.
- Plenty of cheap parts, that do not have the necessary qualities.
- Somewhat bad fame. It's the Mustang of JDM cars.
- You can't find a true Honda JDM for sale.

5. Volkswagen Golf (early generations)

The Volkswagen Golf started as a family production car. It came in a Regular boxy practical shape. Until 1976 when unknown to the company, engineers have fiddled with the car thus creating the fuel-injected 1.6 and creating the little car that could eat up Ferrari at the time. Everybody had one.
VW Golf is not the typical German sports car, but it can bring you a lot of fun! The Golf is a quite well build and very well designed place to be in. It's sturdy, strong and reliable. But that is not what made it famous in the racing communities. The engines possibilities of upgrades and swaps are what us car people really like about it. You can basically take a 1.8-liter engine and make it as powerful as you want, and it will probably last. There are quite a few VW automotive engines that are good but we recommend looking for the R32 (3.2 liters ), the 2.8VR6 (some cars come with AWD), the 3.6 Passat R and of course the 1.8!
vw golf 2 vampire driving
It's good time to buy a Volkswagen!


- Aerodynamics is for cars with weak engines.
- The strongest engines, finest German engineering!
- You can disassemble the whole car with a 10, 13 and a 17.
- Friendly engineering.
- Easy repairs, swaps and upgrades.
- Much much better engineered and much friendlier than BMW.


- Heavy.
- Most of the cars are neglected due to its popularity.
- Well mainetained cars are shockingly expensive.
- They tend to rust a lot.

Do you agree with our list ? Do you think these old bangers stand a chance or it's just better to buy an all new sports cars ?

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