mitsubishi dsm eclipse

The DSM 1989-1999 ~ 5000$

Let's continue the list with on of our two favorites sports cars, both loved by the domestic and JDM lovers. ! It was an odd unforeseen development but in the late 1980s, Mitsubishi and the Chrysler Group united to make a flock of turbocharged sports autos.
This strange union was known as the Diamond Star Motors (DSM), and some vehicles became mainstream - the Mitsubishi Eclipse, the Eagle Talon, and the Plymouth Laser. These autos were basically a similar thing, they simply had different badges and minor styling ques, eg. the Eclipse one of the best sports cars , was wearing the Mitsubishi symbol . What makes these cars so unique is that some models came with a manual gearbox, a turbo, and all-wheel drive. Keeping in mind discovering one in great working condition, is very uncommon, motor swaps are generally cheap, and numerous gearheads can revamp the car's 4G63 motor for pennies on the dollar.


- All wheel drive !
- Cheap performance upgrades.
- Many performance upgrades.
- Relatively durable engine.
- The 4G63 is legendary
- Great styling !
- Manual gearbox.
- You could almost beat Torreto !


- It's hard to find a decent one.
- Good working cars are relatively expensive.
- It was probably trashed many times before you.
- I wouldn't trust it as a daily.

3.Mazda Miata 1990-1997 3000-4000$

When we say nice sports cars, the Miata is the long-running champ as far as sports cars price and fun is in the list. Since the Miata has been out of the stores for such quite a while, there are a lot of swap and reseller's exchange parts accessible for anybody hoping to transform one into a venture. This rear wheel-drive, manual rocket has seen a spike in prevalence lately, with a solid bunch of individuals swapping in GM's LS engine for some crazy energy to weight proportions.
Be that as it may, for those of you that simply need a fun little auto for the weekends and want to keep it stock, we prescribe searching for models from the mid-to-late 1990s, as the Miata was overhauled taking after the 1994 model year to introduce a bigger motor, quite bugger brakes, and some fancy new wheels. For parts, look at Integrated Performance in California. A proud member of the Mazda car brand.


- Rear wheel drive !
- Cheap performance upgrades.
- Good engine swap options!
- Cute styling.
- Manual gearbox.
- You can't drive it without a smile on your face.


- RUST ! It's slowly fading away.
- Hard to find a decent one!
- In stock form it's not quite impressive.
- It doesn't belong to the luxury sports cars and it shows.


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