Most motoring fans find joy in showing off their ride at autos and coffees on Saturdays, or taking them to a car show for their possibility to win a few trophies and some faithful followers. Others like hitting the track on weekends for a touch of execution pushing power, or lean toward winding their way down a ravine like petrol-fueled bobsledders. And after that there are the folks who find that the most fun originates from stripping a car down to its bones and giving it a full rebuild from the ground up !


This is where some of the best innovations in modern-day automotive history were born along with quite a few great concepts, taking place in a family garage where people meet up to talk cars and have a beer or two !

In this article we will be focusing on "the project car" as the target audience loves the vehicle that is inexpensive to purchase and it needs some love to run and look great. As the industry evolvse so do we, the DIY car guys and aftermarket part shops.

We're presenting you our inexpensive top choice for the auto enthusiast. We'll give you the pros and cons from our experience with the vehicles!

P.S. The Toyota AE86 and Nissan's 240sx didn't make it in the list as their price is rocketing sky high right now !

BMW 328i  - average price 4273 $ - 192hp

bmw 330

The BMW E36s are near- luxury cars , that were produced by BMW from 1990 to 1999. The car was introduced in October 1990 in the body style of a four-door sedan. The gamma range later expanded to include the station wagon ("Touring"), our favorite coupe, convertible, and a hatchback ("Compact"). The E36 was widely accepted as it was reliable and for the first time in BMW’s history it used recycled materials. Later in the period the BMW E46 replaced the E36 sedans in 1998, however the production for the E36 coupe and station wagon models did not seize production until 1999, as for the convertible, it also stayed in production until 1999 and remarkably the hatchback version was present until 2001!


-It is by far a standout among the most fun autos to drive. Putting a smile on your face is obligatory. In the event that you don't get red, the police don't really see you. You may call it a sleeper.

-I purchased mine with a manual 5 speed. It is a great deal more fun than the automatic.

-Dirty cheap, affordable sport coupes ,  good hp to price ratio! You've got plenty of power to play around even in stock form.

-Quite durable engines, you can push them to red without any worries.

-You've got plenty of upgrades and spare parts available.

-It is rear wheel drive = great fun !

-German cars in that era were build like tanks, so it really has that solid feel.


-If you swap in the 330i, the maintenance of the 330i is much higher the 325 or 328.

-It is hard to purchase a decent used 3 series without a ton of miles on them if don't want to spend your life savings on one. I purchased my 3 and I was fortunate that even with 100k+ miles, it is essentially a sound auto.

-The upkeep on a 3 (or the 5, 7 series) is quite alarming. It could cost you 3-4k  a year, effortlessly, if not more.

-Numerous insurance agencies will up you to premium unless you get the 4 door version.

-Unless the car was already possessed by a mechanic or auto enthusiast, you are you are looking at a lot of eventual costly maintenance. Bmw 3 series are famous for giving you a major F-you in the face or down the road, in the event that you don't care for it like you would for your child. The Pros are that it is a fun and extraordinary good looking auto to drive paying little heed to what may happen. This makes it a addition the best sportscars under 5000$.  As many sports cars cost a lot , why not build one ?

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