DeLorean 2017 is on its way back to the future! No, the above pictured DeLorean concept will never be built. It is a nice concept, though, and we’d love to see it happening, but no. Thanks to the laws regarding vintage car replicas being exempt from national safety standards, we will finally get brand New DeLorean 2017. That’s right, the good old sports car Delorean DMC-12 will be produced again!

new delorean

Currently, enthusiasts who want to put a DeLorean DMC-12 lemon car in their garage need to either track down one of the roughly 8,000 examples built in Northern Ireland during the early 1980s, or apply the lessons learned from Back to the Future and travel through time. Next year, collectors will be able to conveniently buy a brand new one from a company based in Humble, Texas.

The original DMC-12 had a not so impressive 2.8-liter PRV V6 engine that made about 130 horsepower. The DeLorean Motor Company is talking to two suppliers — including General Motors — about installing a modern V6 behind the coupe’s passenger compartment. Technical details haven’t been finalized yet, but the new DMC-12 coupe is expected to offer anywhere between 350 and 400 horsepower. The cars will also ship with  fast car upgraded brakes to cope with the generous bump in power, and they’ll ride on bigger alloy wheels.

dolorean new car

DMC also plans on updating the interior of the it's new coupe models DeLorean 2017 with modern technology. However, the boxy, Giugiaro-penned design of the original DMC-12 (pictured) will remain unchanged, meaning the new DeLorean 2017 will retain the four old-school square headlights, the stainless steel body, and the funky gullwing doors just like the exotic sports cars. One of the changes that has been incorporated into the modern DMC-12 is an improved electrical system.
DMC, no suv cars here only compact car desings.Many think this was a given, as the car would need to meet or exceed the standards of today’s six figure vehicles to justify its price. The newer DeLorean will also have a better chassis.

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