Are you also a part of the Honda fanboys crew? If so we have some great news for you – Honda has raised the curtains to reveal a cheaper alternative to the holy Civic Type-R. The Japanese manufacturer has developed a modified five-door version of the classic subcompact that sports some cheeky improvements to give it some additional edge.

Honda Civic Hatchback American Comeback

This prototype does make ‘a significant step-change from previous versions of Honda’s core European model,’ and while it is less powerful than the Type-R, it still is crazy enough to keep our level of interest up in the sky. But in comparison to the aggressive looks of the Type-R, which never fails to attract the cop’s attention, here the sassiness of the hatchback Si model is here but just toned down a little.

 “The all-new Civic hatchback will be 30 mm wider, 20 mm lower, and 130 mm longer than the current generation,” 
Honda said.

What we can infer by that is that the new model will receive some significant performance handling gains as well as more spacious cabin. The wider body will also allow for larger/wider wheels and tires that will ensure better grip and overall looks of the car, while the longer wheelbase will be weighed out with the short overhangs. The overhands, on the other hand, have another significant role, providing additional space for the duo of massive air intake ducts. Not only will they function as a “sharp and aggressive interpretation of Honda’s family face,’ but will also serve as a fully functional aerodynamic and engine performance upgrade.

LED headlights and running lights are offset by halo fog lamps, which remain reminiscent of the circular, dual port center-mounted exhaust out back.

The latest prototype also comes with Honda’s signature C-shaped LED taillights and in order to make the whole styling seemingly even more performance based, overstated rear vents have been added. The roof-mounted spoiler and the flushmount placed underneath haven’t been significantly oversized, but some space has been left between them for a better visual dimension. The lip kit isn’t as exaggerated as it used to be in the past, but it has been styled just enough to give the ride the right amount of sporty vibes.

Honda Civic America Comeback face

We expect the launch at the beginning of next year, as the 10th generation Civic has been created to suit the needs of the European market. AutoGuide, however, predicts that America will be the lucky one to first receive it. Also, this might be the Civic we’ve all been yearning for, especially if we could also get it in Si trim.

The thing is – while we can’t stop thinking about the one-of-a-kind Civic Type-R, not many of us can actually afford it. Honda’s move is undoubtedly smart, finally coming up with a ride that will be suitable and affordable enough for the working class fans. We expect the model to be available with a six-speed manual or a CVT transmission, and also with either the new 2.0-liter motor or the turbocharged 1.5-liter powerplant. Regarding the Si configurations all we know is that they are yet to be announced.

“We knew that we needed to create a striking and stand-out exterior design that challenged conventional European compact styling while staying true to the original Civic’s core values; a marriage of distinctive and sporty design, rewarding driving dynamics and versatile practicality.”says Honda’s Project Manager, Daisuke Tsutamori


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source: HondaOfDenton   CheatSheet
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