The Japanese magazine Mag-X, reports that the new engine will be a 3.0-litre V6 with twin turbochargers, thus Toyota making it the first production V6 in its 82-year history. The rumors about the successor of the beloved and missed Toyota Supra, being in the works are endless but it's sure that it will not be among 2016 sports cars , sorry no 2016 Toyota Supra. On the other hand, Toyota hasn't denied anything yet. Just the opposite, the FT-1 concept that they are building alongside BMW have fueled the fire even more! Now there is a lot of talk about a new Lexus engine to be the heart of the hero. And place it on the fast cars podium it deserves.

Before a few months, a trademark application for the nameplate Supra was filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. According to Autocar, the new Supra is set to debut in 2018. The car will likely feature an AWD hybrid system; four-cylinder engines are strongly believed to be available, with a high-performance version to use a twin-turbo V6 codenamed 943F. Kleine Zeitung detailed that the new jointly-developed Toyota Supra will be produced at a Magna Steyr facility near Graz, Austria, with the Z4 BMW sports car.

New Toyota Supra with a twin-turbo Lexus V6

To be honest, this is unconfirmed evidence but few things have actually been verified and based on what we know we can draw a few conclusions. We already know that BMW and Toyota are working on a 4x4 car, and we've already seen mules testing in the wild. The Australian-built car will most probably be powered by an inline 4 turbo or 6-cylinders turbo engine. There is the possibility of course that Toyota might use a BMW sports cars engine and they will shoehorn of their own in the curvy car.

That leads us to the conclusion that the car will most probably powered by a V6 twin-turbo that will power the new Lexus GS and also new Lexus Ls. It was then picked up by YouWheel and Car Keys. Mag-X cites Toyota insiders and even gives codename to the engine, 943F. This engine will make more than 400 horsepower and more than 300 lb-ft of torque.

While the information is still unconfirmed, this makes a lot of sense for Lexus as nearly every luxury cars company has a forced induction six-cylinder engine. Toyota has never produced a factory turbo V6. Nowadays automakers are downsizing the engines in an effort to meet regulations of fuel economy and emissions. Toyota and Lexus are not far from the crowd. Taking that V6 and tuning it for a performance application is a solid, if unverified, possibility. Hopefully, we will see the 2018 Toyota Supra become a reality after a year and half year!

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