And some cars are just plain ordinary looking wolves in sheep's clothing We kick it off with one of the most famous from the Toyota Cars line up !

5. Toyota Camry

2015 toyota camry black

Did you know a new V6-powered Toyota Camry sports sedan can rip to 60 in about six seconds and clip a mid-14 second quarter mile? A proper sports car! That’s about the same as a showroom-fresh Ford Focus ST, and unless you boot your new WRX from a standstill with a death-defying clutch drop, don’t expect to escape the Camry’s grasp.

I’m not suggesting the Camry is the world’s new sport sedan, and it’s certainly no drag racing hero. But it’s been the epitome of boring transportation for 20 odd years, not to mention a punching bag for auto journalists and enthusiasts around the world. Very few will admit to smiling behind the Camry’s wheel during a full-throttle run; fewer still will admit it’s respectably fast. And since they don't make high end Toyota cars that's pretty much the fastest Toyota-branded product you can get.

Turbo Civics vs Twin Turbo Lamborghini!

6. Ford Taurus

ford taurus 1990-95

The Taurus started out strong but quickly gained a reputation for being a boring rental car queen. Many people didn’t know there was a performance edition called SHO, which is why I ultimately owned a dozen of these cars over the years. In the late 1990s I watched a colleague rip a 14.5 quarter-mile in a bone stock 1994 SHO with a five-speed manual, which was quick enough back then to hang with just about anything.

Today’s twin-turbo SHOs dip into the 13s despite their size, but the level of disbelief among unsuspecting enthusiasts is as amusing as ever.  You can't buy that in a Ford Dealership anymore ! A car Ford Taurus . . . I can’t believe I lost to a ** Taurus.*

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