5.Be completely honest

No car is perfect unless it comes out straight from the factory. So the best you could do is to honest with the potential buyers, share with them its flows, and in this way earn their trust. Believe it or not this would double up your chance of selling it. Rather than trying to hide the car’s imperfections take photos of the rusty parts of the paintwork as well as mentioned in the advert what the size of the damaged are is.

Again if are not honest with the guy he might check your car insurance history, the best car insurance companies always keep a log. Also, if there is something under the hood that needs to be fixed, say it, unless you want your buyer to walk away the moment they find out themselves what’s wrong with the car. On the other hand, if they are aware with the things they have to deal with after laying their hands on the car, they will be much more likely to part with their cash. Also be sure to provide auto body repair service that was made to the car.

4.Price it correctly

Deciding on the price of your car is tricky and solely looking up on 'Kelley Blue Book' is far than enough. Do your research carefully and find out examples of your car on the open market to get a better feel of the average price of that specific model car, that’s in accordance with their mileage and specification).  If there are many ‘twin’ cars, then why not play around with the price or at least make the advert look even more perfect. And of course, make sure to mention if your car is a rare or sought-after option in the title so that you have an advantage as a premium car on the on the market.

3.Stop loving it

The most difficult part of letting go of your car is to stop loving it. But then it’s essential that you did that, especially if you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. When your advert is up and running, get the attitude that the car is no longer yours. It’s just an object that is going to generate you some money to invest in something else.

C'mon it's probably a rust sedan or an oldish sporty suv.

Also, remaining attached to the car can heighten the risk of you being pickier whom you sell the car to. For example, you might not want to sell your 600bhp Corvette to some 17-year-old who’ll end up doing something risky and dangerous with it. The more you feel the urge to pick the ‘right’ buyer, the smal

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