2.Put it up for sale in the right place

8 Ways To Make Selling Your Car Easy
To facilitate the selling process even more, make sure to find the right place to put your car up for sale. There are many different websites to sell a car, depending on the car model, spec etc. The best place to advertise a mass-produced car that many people have is 'AutoTrader'. If, however, you’re saying goodbye to a ride that only an enthusiast might be looking for – then specialized forums are what you’re looking for. There are a few tricks you must know before you try to sale used car online.
Just beware that if you opt for the second, you’ll get bombarded with many additional questions - from whether the car has had Bridgestone tyres its whole life, to whether you keepthe receipts for the fuel you’ve been using over the course of the last 2 years. Check which car dealer website is best for your oldish sedan or sporty SUV .

1.Stay firm on your price

It might be tempting to go down on the price, especially if the price they are willing to pay still sounds reasonably high. But then remember that you’ve done your research and the price you’ve given is in accordance to the current market. Also, you’ve done your work making the buyer aware of every detail (flaw) of the car so try not to make any drastic changes with the price.

Also, no matter the price the buyer is willing to pay, you will aways hear complaints that they have to change this and that. So don’t get discouraged and wait for a little bit longer for someone who is willing to pay a price much closer to the one you have set. When trying to sell car you have to stay firm !

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