What is it about the James Bond character that has captivated audiences for over 50 years? Is it the cinematography? The fantastic script writing? Is it the impressive casting of handsome Hollywood men? Or is it the luxuries?


 Let’s face it: Bond doesn’t do anything that’s average. 007’s lovers, his lifestyle, and especially his cars are always top notch. Today, we’ll just focus on the cars. Here are the Top 10 James Bond Cars in chronological order of appearances:.

3. Ford Fairlane (1957)

The 1976 Lotus Esprit S1

Bond: Roger Moore

For some unexplainable reason, Bond always has the picture-pervect style everywhere he goes… and a car to match.  In Die Another Day(2002),  007 ends up in Havana, Cuba.  Although the Ford Fairlane is not nearly the fastest Bond car and is not equipped with gadgets, you have to admit it was perfect for the scene.  The two-door 50’s style convertible is exactly what one should drive in Havana.  Although the ’57 Fairlane makes a brief appearance in the movie, it needs to be mentioned.  Bond’s whole life is picturesque. Although he drove it briefly and used it solely for transportation, the Ford Fairlane helped create a memorable Bond moment.

2. The 2006 Aston Martin DBS V12

Bond: Timothy Dalton

As the world received its new James Bond in Casino Royale(2006), producers decided to stick with Aston Martin as the official Bond car.  This makes perfect sense; a lot of people associate Aston Martin with Bond.  Daniel Craig became the face of the franchise and gave Bond a whole new look.  The movies lost a lot of their gimmicky qualities while still maintaining their 007 demeanor.  The DBS V12 was also briefly at the beginning of Quantum of Solace(2008). This car was named “DBS” after the 1968 Aston Martin DBS seen in Her Majesty’s Secret Service(1969).  Not a lot of people know that the DBS actually made a brief appearance in Diamonds are Forever(1971); it was being fitted for missiles in Q’s lab.  The 2006 Aston Martin DBS V12 that 007 drove was a slightly deeper silver.  The colour of this car is officially called “Casino Royale.”

1. Aston Martin DB10 (2015)


Bond: Pierce Brosnan

In November 2015, Daniel Craig will star in the 24th James Bond film.  Spectre(2015) will be his fourth performance as the spy.  In the Bond movie before this, Skyfall(2012), James was seen driving the classic  Aston Martin DB5… seriously, you can’t go wrong with that car. Since Skyfall(2012), Bond has not been on our movie screens in 3 years.  This offers Aston Martin the perfect opportunity to have 007 drive the gorgeous new 2015 DB10.  It has a whole new sleek body.  You almost might not even recognize it.  It is still a 2 door coupe, but with an entirely different feel.  The DB10 was unveiled in December 2014 as the official James Bond car. This year marks the 50 year partnership between Aston Martin and the James Bond Franchise.  This is James Bond’s 6th Aston Martin.

We have known James Bond since 1962, and one thing we can say with confidence is that this character does everything with panache… especially driving.  If you are a car lover, plan a day of watching a 007 marathon.  You won’t be disappointed.  Even the villains in James Bond movies drive in style.

Some other memorable cars that did not make our list are:

– The 1962 Sunbeam Alpine Series II; although it’s not Bond’s most glamourous car, it was the first car he was ever seen driving in.
– The 1967 Toyota 2000 GT; Japan’s first supercar.  Only 351 models of this car were made which makes it more uncommon to come across than a DB5.
– The 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7; technically it was his future wife’s car in Her Majesty’s Secret Service(1969).


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