Roads You Would Never Want To Drive On. There are some roads you should consider twice before going on to ! Terrorists, high altitudes, surface collapse and more !

8.Eyre Highway - Australia

Straight, flat and maintained, Australia’s Eyre Highway seems like a pretty legit road to drive. However, this 1675 km long road is one of the most desolate and remote parts of Australia.

Think Mad Max with fewer bandits and a lot more camels and kangaroos. In fact, the road is so boring and featureless that you might find it incredibly difficult to stay awake. This has produces significant amount of crashes and collisions, which has given the road the nickname ‘The Slaughter Alley’.

9.Karakoram Highway - China to Pakistan

The world’s highest paved international roadway cuts through the mountains and canyons which link China to Pakistan. Being a mountain road – it’s a dangerous one to begin with. Add to it all heavy fog, sudden blizzard, and flooding – and you have an incredibly terrifying road to drive on. And to spice it all up - bandits and terrorists are known to camp out near certain sections of the road to strike at completely oblivious targets. And if you think you can handle this – the highway is so high above the sea level that you might suffer from altitude sickness due to the thin air..

10.Zoji La Pass - India

This 9 km long road is situated 3.5 km above sea level and links the cities of Ladakh and Kashmir. High winds and heavy snowfall make this route impassable for long periods during the year Motorists are advised to use 4 wheel drive, but the mud that appears after a rain is so thick, that even the best drives might fail. And don’t get fooled as even in perfect weather, the narrow roads, lack of safety barriers, and use by large trucks and livestock give the road the colour ‘red’.

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