Roads You Would Never Want To Drive On. There are some roads you should consider twice before going on to ! Terrorists, high altitudes, surface collapse and more !

6.Halsema Highway - Philippines

Situated 2000 m above sea level, this road is safest during the summer months of March and April. During the rest of the time the heavy rainfalls, fog and rock slides turn this route into a nightmare. .

Tourists, who really want to see the amazing landscape risk a lot, having in mind that the tourists buses often drive way too fast on this too narrow road, which means only one thing - every year there are many car crashes and vehicles rolling off the edge of the road down the mountain side. .

7.Tianmen mountain road - China

11 km road and with elevation change of 1100 m from start to finish this Chinese roadway is not for the ones with weak hearts. With 99 hairpin turns, this road isn’t narrow by the standard of the other roads we discuss today, as meeting an oncoming vehicle will make things pretty challenging. There are barriers all along the road, but if you get caught in the beauty of the surroundings or decide to pick up the speed, won’t keep you away from going over the edge and taking a rather long fall to the bottom.

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