Roads You Would Never Want To Drive On. There are some roads you should consider twice before going on to ! Terrorists, high altitudes, surface collapse and more !

4. Taroko Gorge Road – Taiwan

Part of Taiwan’s Highway No8 Taroko Gorge Road is known to be the country’s deadliest stretch of roadway.

Carved into and sometimes through the mountains terrain, this road faces significant erosion and landslides because of the heavy rain and earthquakes. The fact that the road is extremely narrow makes it all even more challenging, also coming with numerous blind corners full of surprises. There is a high chance that you will be plummeting down the side of the mountain and becoming a victim of this infinite stretch of road.

5.Skippers Canyon Road - New Zealand.

When your rental insurance refuses to cover you for driving on this road – you know it’s pretty dangerous. Positioned in the southwest New Zealand, the road has all the characteristics of a dangerous road. It’s carved into the side of the mountain, has almost no safety features and barriers, and is also extremely narrow. In fact, this road is so narrow that if two vehicles meet, one will often have to drive back until there is a road that’s large enough to allow for the cars to pass by each other safely.

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