Roads You Would Never Want To Drive On. There are some roads you should consider twice before going on to ! Terrorists, high altitudes, surface collapse and more !

1. Passage De Gois - France

4.3 km road links the French mainland with the island of Nourmontier of France’s Atlantic coast. Even though this might seem as a normal road to drive on, all you need is a few hours for your opinion to change.

When the tide comes in – the whole route literally vanishes. Twice a day this route goes under water and the cars, which mistime their crossing are going with it. Even if you manage to time the tides just right, the road remains a great challenge being overly wet and covered with seaweed, which makes it as slippery as ice.

2. Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road - Greece 

Over the 23.5 length of this Greek road, the elevation changes almost 500m. This might seem okay, but there are a lot of potholes, tight twists and turns, heavy truck, pedestrian and livestock traffic, and very few guard rails – which all combined together make it a pretty dangerous road. To top it all off – there are often no lines or markings, which means that many night time travellers drive straight off the road to their death.

3. Luxor-Al-Hurghada Road - Egypt 

This ancient road that connects the Ancient City of Luxor and the Red Sea Resort City of Hurghada is something you’d better avoid. The road goes through remote areas, so in case of a breakdown – you might get in a big trouble depending on the time of the day. Also, the are is petrolled by criminals and terrorists, who strike mainly at night. Many drivers, perfectly aware of that, drive without their lights on to stay off the grid – so you can only imagine what the consequences are. If anything, at least invest in some high-end night-vision googles to make your journey a little bit safer.

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