Time to get a bit bolder !

6. Fake Catalytic converter

Catalityc converter

Why it works: 
Time to get a little bit more sophisticated, shall we? To use this place it’s important that your illegal substances or whatever you want to hide won’t burn or melt. Of course, you can always place a heat wrap around the pipe to make sure that this place will make it a perfectly safe place is secure enough to hide your stash.

5. Fuel Tank

Why it works: 
Of course, the most important thing is to wrap the gas tank well, which will ensure that nothing unthinkable happens: gasoline is a dangerous solvent, remember? If you preparations carried out correctly, then you’ll get in return all that airy gas tank space, which is also extra secure, neutralizing the all odors. Interestingly, here bikes are more straightforward when it comes to accessing the gas tank, while the lack of good accessibility in the cars can cause a massive headache that calls for inventive access panels, etc. Pretend you haven’t read this point, if you’re on your way to New Orleans.

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