We are continuing with our list of the best places to hide your stuff in the convenience of your car! Even though we received quite a few thumbs ups for different center console locations, instead we’re focusing on a place that’s finally offering some real space.

8. Under the cup holder molding

cup holder

Why it works: 
If there are two or more cupholders in your car try pull the panel and then check out the pretty convenient empty space that will open up beneath. If you’re crossing the boarder – that’s a definite no-no, but for any other daily use, it’s actually a pretty secure and convenient place.

7. In the Roll Cage

sti rollcage

Why it works: 
A bit difficult to use, but still if you approach the packaging and arranging part smartly enough, then that’s one of the best secret locations you might find in your car and will actually keep sheltered a surprising amount of stuff. The empty space further allows to be sealed up, but just bear in mind that you will have to do some serious repackaging beforehand and turn everything into tight rolls. Rumour has it that in case of a crash it all remains safe.

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