You’re about to go for a drive, but you feel the urge to take with you some of your favorite stuff without anyone being aware or able to spot them – especially the patrolling police. Below you will find our the top ten list of the best and most secretive corners that your automobile has. 

But first - a little disclaimer before we get down to business – that article is aimed to entertain and in no way seeks to inspire or support any violation of the law in regards to illegal substances, weapons, etc. And remember – for the sniffer dogs there’s no secret place. Just so you’re warned.

10. Under the headliner

car headliner

Why it works: 
That’s a place aimed for smaller stuff, rather than something way too heavy or bulky such as a gun or whatever else you might consider stashing up there. Still, it works perfectly well for everything teeny-tiny, especially if your car comes with a sunroof.

9. Fuse Box

fuse box

Why it works: 
The fuse box works much better than let’s say the air filter box, which is a very tricky place. By leaving your stuff there, there is a potential of messing up the airflow going to your engine – something you’d rather not do. Also, there’s hardly anyone that would ever feel the urge to play with the electronic fuse box, which is overly complicated and confusing. It won’t provide you plenty of space, but it’s still useful enough to be part of our list.

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