With the springy salt-free roads coming back to life, we can’t help but feel inspired to get our cars look lush and just as great as the sunny weather. Today we’re sharing 5 spring-cleaning tips to help you greet the summer days cruising down the street with hell of a lot of style.

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Swap your winter tires 

To ensure that your winter tires stay intact for the next icy season – make sure to swap them with your summer tires them as soon as the weather warms up. Winter tires are named as such for a reason. The distinctive rubber compound used for their manufacture help create solid grip between the car and the ground when the roads are slippery & icy. The summer heat and humidity can easily damage that compound, by attacking the tires and melting the rubber. There is also danger that by using your winter tires during summer you can damage them permanently, which would further have a negative impact on the safety of the vehicle when you’re behind the wheel in the winter again. Our advice? During the long sunny days go for all-season tires to ensure the safety of your vehicle and also save yourself the hassle to keep repurchasing new tires every now and then. 

Wash & Wax 

There is no greater feeling than picking up your car from the car wash service, where all the salt, dust, and mud have been scraped off your vehicle. Pick a sunny day to leave your car for an outside wash at the car wash service of your choice, and while it make some time for it to get back to being all nice & clean again, it will be all worth it once you see that picture-perfect ride. A great way to finish off your car’s beauty procedure is to go for a car wax that will seal the pain, add a shiny coat, and prevent your car from getting those annoying rain stains. 

Pay attention to the details. 

While the main focus tend to fall on the exterior, as of course, that’s what people notice first, surprise, surprise – the interior of your car has suffered just as much from the harsh winter conditions as the exterior. Don’t believe us? Just check out your dashboard covered with that thick layer of dust, car mats, all covered with road salt and mud, as well as the seats and carpets stained all-over and covered with dirt. Vacuuming your floors, hosing down your mats with a pressure washer to deep clean the thick fabric, and using high-quality cleaners for the carpet is essential for reducing the bacteria found in car interiors. And that’s purely essential if you’re to give your little one a ride.

Clean out the trunk. 

From your workout clothes, football gear, and shovels, to your girl’s extra pair of shoes – you can literally find everything in the trunk. And while some of the things you stock might be something that really need, we’re pretty sure that among them you could find some pretty irrelevant wintery items that just take up space. Try to get rid of as much as you can and maybe start using your garage or basement as a storage for the things you won’t need up until next winter. And voilĂ  – you now have freed enough space for the summer essentials you’ll need to take with you on your summer holiday. Plus – by making ride lighter you will also improve your car’s fuel economy. And if that’s not great news! 

Bring your car in for service. 

Going for a quick inspection and general maintenance of your ride in the early spring days is more than essential as under the harsh winter conditions a lot of things might have gone incredibly wrong. Are your headlights and taillights in working order? Then let your mechanic examine your alignment as the uneven wintery ground pot holes might have disturbed your car’s alignment. Also, if your wiper blades have worn out because of the bad winter conditions – immediately change them.

 By following those simple 5 tips, not only will you make your car look and feel spring fresh, but you’ll also feel more confident and secure knowing that you’re vehicle has undergone all the checks is in fact functioning perfectly fine.

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