You are lucky if you are still driving around your old-school V8s!

4. Under the intake manifold

Why it works: 
Good news because we have a pro-level suggestion for you. You won’t get much room under the intake manifold, but on the other hand, the place has great ventilation and is overly secure. Even if you wouldn’t even consider that, it’s actually pretty good idea to test a few disparate manifolds to ensure maximum clearance. Goofy "crank" jokes are off the table here, but when we think about it – the location isn’t even the appropriate one for them anyway..

3. Under a heap of garbage

car trash

Why it works: 
Okay, for this one we quote directly from a forum post, a person who came up with this suggestion, even we can’t see how we can do it better.
 ‘A friend of mine who had an old Caravan panel van used to pile up years of trash, fast food wrappers, Coke cans, pornos, condom boxes, empty KY tubes, sleeping bags, decorative Corinthian columns, stuffed animals, speakers, guitars, vacuum tubes, hand-drawn wiring diagrams, CDRs, early Mac PowerBooks, floppy discs, and a defused hand grenade. Under all of this was a small cigar box with a pimp daddy .22 pistol and a quarter sack. No dog born could ever decipher the wandering miasma of the funk in the back of that van, and no man would veer go near it.’ Ready for the solution? Huge cargo vehicle filled up with nasty stuff. Tons of stuff. Problem solved.

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