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2. Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir

Why it works: 
First things first, place whatever it is that you’re transporting in a waterproof container. The windshield washer fluid reservoir is actually more than perfect to store anything illegal. It’s near the engine, and everything there turns equally grimy after couple of miles. That’s the least we could say. Plus, if you preserve the pump in and redirect the hosing, this also makes the perfect remote booze dispenser for drive-ins or road trips.

1. Molded into body panels

body panel mold

Why it works: 
Do you really have to hide anything inside your car, when can actually completely skip this step? Most certainly a creative mind and some props will be needed to manage before you press the stuff into a replacement body panel and conceal it (think the unthinkable paint formulation). The dogs will be sniffing utterly confused, and the cops will be munching on their donuts while you’re heading down your way. You’ll certainly become the leader of the thriving ‘hemp-based replacement body panel’ industry.

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