Even though Consumer Reports have the inclination to review mostly if not solely overly practical, family oriented cars rather than the high-end luxury or sports ones, this certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t like to have as much fun as we do.


The spacious back-seaters and reliable cars are what the average consumer is looking for, which is why the editors place the focus mainly on them. That’s why most of them don’t cover some of the most interesting cars and believe us - they have the opportunity to test-drive many ridiculously cool sports cars as well, even as absurd models such as Tesla Model S P85D.

Are you curious to find out the best fun to drive cars that the Consumer Reports editors like the most? We’ve complied a list of top 10 vehicles you can’t go wrong with especially if you’re a petolhead like us. And good news for the ones who’d rather keep their left foot awake – the 10 options below are also available with a manual transmission.

10. Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX

While we miss the hatchback version of the Subaru WRX, it’s actually difficult to beat the sedan, which gives you the best of both worlds - exceptional practicality and mind-blowing excitement. The car feels a lot faster than what you’d expect from its 268 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, and all thanks to is performance-focused all-wheel-drive system. If you are a daily driver, the WRX might feel a little bit stiff, but who cares, when the car also comes with such impeccable handling. To get even better handling and more power out of a WRX –treat yourself with the WRX STI, whose performance is undoubtedly superior. 

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