Sports cars automakers have ascended the auto industry’s ladder to become some of the most popular and consumer friendly in the whole world.

If you pay attention to the U.S. roads – it won’t be long until you notice a pattern - compact sedans, big clumsy pick-up trucks and SUVs driving one after another and literally flooding the streets. It seems to us that people increasingly opt for a daily commuter, a non-pretentious vehicle to take them from A to B without attracting any attention. But then, there’s us - the passionate petrolheads who desire to own a car that speaks out their personality; a car with a character. And then we roll our sleeves and get down to business, customizing it and adding that special twist that will grasp the attention of the passersby, while we’re cruising down the road. But be cautious as the Law prohibits most mods. Here is our top 7 most common mods that can get you in trouble !

"7 common mods that can get you in trouble with the LAW" 

Windows tinting

Don't go too dark

That’s a confusing one, because the tint law in every state is different. There is a lot to consider and check up to ensure that your vehicle meets the regulations, such as your car’s tint percentage (how much light can pass through the tint), and then find which windows could be covered and which should remain fully transparent. Interestingly, while LEOs could ignore 5% limo tint here and there, the neighboring town might charge you a solid fine for the same percentage. Make sure to speak to a specialist from a trustworthy tint shop to find out more about the local laws. Thankfully, most shops won’t risk staining their reputation by treating your vehicle with illegal tint.

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