9. Mercedes-Benz SLK

We remember the Mercedes SLK as one of the first cars with a hardtop convertible roof, and here it is - still available with a folding metal top, allowing it to serve both as a coupe and a roadster.

The engine that churns out 201 horsepower produces enough acceleration to have some fun, but for the ones who prioritize performance – you can also find an SLK with a more powerful engine. The crisp and enjoyable handling allows for long and comfortable trips, even thought the drive will be a little on the firmer side. The SLK250’s interior thought simple, courtesy applause for the high quality it offers.

8. Scion FR-S/Subaru BR-Z

Even though the twins Toyobaru don’t offer too much horsepower, their amazing handling is a reason enough to make it to the list and we’re more than glad they did. When it comes to Scion FR-S/Subaru BR-Z - it’s all about the curvy roads where they can show off impeccable handling performance.
The 200 horsepower engine sounds a perfectly reasonable choice for both models, taking into account that their starting price is only $25,000. Interior-wise the facilities are simple, with small backseats and a ride that’s a little bit jittery. But for such a price and excellent handling – we can live with that.

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