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There is a new king on the street. The all-wheel drive STI S209 will return to form with a healthy stack of 341 horses. This would be the first S model that will come to the States ! We just wish the Evo was still here, but the Subaru fights forward like a lone wolf.


On the other hand that's one expensive Subaru STI, definitely not cheap. Having this in mind new players stand in it's way, it now approaches CLA and GLA AMG territory, AUDI RS3 which has 394 hp for about $55K !

On the other hand the Type RA Subaru managed about 310 HP for $50K with a limit of 500 units.


Subaru hasn't confirmed neither the price nor the units we will get of the new S209. What they confirmed though was a bigger turbo, water sprayers for the intercooler and bigger injectors. The car will host forged rods and pistons with an all new intake. No torque figures were released, yet.


A hefty 3500 pounds having in mind that the car comes with an all carbon roof ! New bulkier fenders and an overall wider car.


The suspension setup is made by Bilstein and Subaru says it's going to be a true to form street version of a Rally beast !

photos : www.carscoops.com

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