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This is just not serious enough, a new leak ? After we saw the new Supra launch at the Detroit Auto show this Monday it seems that there is a new leak shared by the who are saying they have a very credible source stating that the car will be launching with three different trims. Also they provided the much speculated over the last two weeks Supra mk5 price.


This is still officially unconfirmed information so take it with a bit of doubt. We pinged Toyota about this and we are still waiting for their update. If they decide to answer we will post the new info here or on one of our social media pages.

What have we heard ?

The new Toyota Supra will be launching in three different trims : base as expected, premium and a special pre-Launch edition, according to

The "Base" will have a 3.0 six cylinder and will cost around $49,990.

The "Premium"-version will too be a home to a 3.0 six cylinder and will cost exactly $53,990.

and finally the "Launch edition", you guessed it, it will also boast a 3.0 six cylinder and will cost around $55,250.

The difference between the Launch Edition and the Premium version will be nothing else but some cosmetic changes on and quirky features.

supramk5 side

Those numbers are far less than we initially expected and if this leak turns out to be true, the new Supra will be heading for a great start !

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