trump bans all cars

In a horrific turn of events, Donald J. Trump signed a petition banning imported cars all together. In fact all foreign sports cars roaming the streets in the States will be demolished within two months, for suvs, sedans and other vehicles the deadline is five to six months.
His main reason for signing the documents is that this will ultimately stimulate US car production thus boosting the economy.

The factories that were used for production and assembly of foreign cars will change their owners, respectfully Dodge takes all BMW factories, Ford takes all of VW Group factories and Chevy takes all that has Honda written on it. Bad times are coming for international vehicle importers too.

vw leaving

This is truly a horrible turn of events for all motoring fans. We like American cars but we love the light, agile and economic cars that the Europe and Japan provide. This is now turning into the World’s biggest global economic scandal as the CEOs of VW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan and Subaru have put a massive class action law suit as they claim that this decision is ultimately wrong. As an act of disagreement the main Volkswagen dealer closed earlier today.

The President responded that this was a massive leakage of funds and he will do everything in his power to protect the US economy.
In other words,


Happy 4/1/2020 Alright, you’ve been played but I’m sure that most of you knew this was not real but just because our president is known for implying drastic measures you got on the train. STAY SAFE!

Let’s explain why this is impossible to ever happen in the 21 Century.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration organization admits freely that there's no such thing as a 100% American car exists and explains that even one of its most American vehicles, the 65% U.S.-built Chevy Captiva, has a motor that was made in Mexico and it's also assembled there.

According to the 2015 list of vehicles assembled in the US provided by the NHTSB list of 2015 vehicles assembled in the U.S. using the most U.S. and Canadian parts is filled with overseas automakers who've built most of the parts for the “American-made” vehicles that take place in the U.S. We have reached a point that even the most hardcore US made cars and pickups are not made by the U.S. automakers.

Honda plant

Even further most foreign manufacturers have plants here in the US, for instance Mitsubishi. Although they are planning to move out, they led a legacy of what they’ve accomplished with Japanese, German and Korean automakers all producing their cars here in the U.S. And let's face it we've learned a lot in the past few decades from them on the topic of how to build a car !
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