Honda NM4

Honda is one of the few Japanese Domestic sports cars manufacturers that is still strong and due to constant innovation and massive success with its “every day cars” it’s here to stay at least for another 10 years. Lucky for us, just like BMW, Honda doesn't only make cool sports cars and family sedans, but it also has a motorcycle division.

Honda is currently the largest bike manufacturer in Japan and has been since it started production in 1955. At its peak in 1982, the Honda factory-made close to 3 million motorcycles annually. By 2006 this figure had reduced to around 550,000 however was still over its main domestic competitors.

Honda is ahead with the amount of wins at the cult that is the Isle of Man TT having notched up 227 victories within the solo categories and Sidecar TT, together with Ian Hutchinson's clean sweep at the 2010 races. The outright lap record on the Snaefell Mountain Course is additionally held by Honda, set at the 2015 TT by John McGuinness at a median speed of 132.701 mph (213.562 km/h) on a Honda CBR1000RR.


The new movie “Ghost in the Shell” 

is an future motion picture based on a well-liked Japanese manga of identical name. It’s set in an exceedingly future town landscape which suggests audiences are going to be treated to some advanced technologies and vehicles, one amongst them is going to be a artistic motorbike designed by Honda.
Do you remember the futuristic Audi from “Men in Black”, a few years later it made huge noise as it was released as the flawless Audi R8 !

The motorbike, shown here in some style sketches, relies solely on the Honda NM4. The frame is formed from carbon fiber and accented with LEDs, as well as for the Honda emblem. The temporary for the designers was to create the motorbike “neo-futuristic” and “cool.”

Honda says the motorbike makes many appearances within the picture show. It’s the ride of lead character Motoko Kusanagi, a law officer compete by Scarlett Johansson. you'll catch a glimpse of it within the trailer below; it seems at the 1:26 mark. And anyone in Japan are going to be ready to see it face to face at the Osaka and Japanese capital motorbike shows on this month.

bike side

The new movie “Ghost within the Shell” depicts a future wherever humans have incorporate with technology, such a lot in order that they'll transfer their consciousness into the digital world moreover as into new, artificial bodies. the initial manga and animated versions served as inspiration for the later Matrix triad.

The picture show hits theaters on March the thirty first as for us, we will most likely continue to inform you about the awesome vehicles from the  upcoming movies.

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