Like it or not we are officially in a new era where the new black is orange. We officially have a new president. Excuse us for reaching into the depths of politics but there are some important issues that concern even the most passionate sports cars enthusiasts. Donald J. Trump made one very disturbing statement just before entering the white house. He stated that there is an idea of creating and raising the import tariffs of up to almost 35% to force both foreign and domestic companies to build and assemble here in the U.S.

There is an index table "Kogod Made In America Index" which shows and measures exactly
how many processes go into making of a car, how much was made here and how much of it outside of the US. It also show which cars are barely making a dime and are already in hardship.


Based on the data provided, only speculations can be made. Although one thing is for sure, sports cars will feel the hit first as opposed to family sedans and compact suv vehicles . So lets have a look at what will happen if Trump introduces the 35% tariff.

Next stop, Clarkson's beloved lightweight super compact sports car. The FCA - Fiat Chrysler Automotive is struggling all together in recent years, the only segment of the company moving up is Jeep. Although Alfa Romeo desperately tries to construct a new image for itself it still struggles to get any money in return. Their comeback to american soil was not good as they expected. Although the mighty 4C is an incredibly potential compact sports car, Americans seem to look at Alfa with a bit of skepticism. We still can't but to look at the premium prices and think "this c**p will probably break 5 times a week".

What's worse we all know where the 4C is made and assembled - Italy, which makes it the perfect victim of Trump's devilish plans.

happy clarkson

2016 was also a hard year for Alfa's diamond, the 4C managed to sell just 492 units in oppose to 2015 which was more generous with 670 units shipped to their owners. In other words this is a 26.5% drop in sales just for this year.

Alfa puts all hopes on the upcoming Stelvio SUV to save it from vanishing, but in having in mind that its Maserati equivalent had a massive recall, if it succeeds it is going to be a miracle. Adding the potential huge import taxes, we might say goodbye to Alfa altogether once again..

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