Like it or not we are officially in a new era where the new black is orange. We officially have a new president. Excuse us for reaching into the depths of politics but there are some important issues that concern even the most passionate sports cars enthusiasts. Donald J. Trump made one very disturbing statement just before entering the white house. He stated that there is an idea of creating and raising the import tariffs of up to almost 35% to force both foreign and domestic companies to build and assemble here in the U.S.

There is an index table "Kogod Made In America Index" which shows and measures exactly
how many processes go into making of a car, how much was made here and how much of it outside of the US. It also show which cars are barely making a dime and are already in hardship.


Based on the data provided, only speculations can be made. Although one thing is for sure, sports cars will feel the hit first as opposed to family sedans and compact suv vehicles . So lets have a look at what will happen if Trump introduces the 35% tariff.

We've covered the Japanese and the Italians, but the Germans are also going to take a hit in the chest. The Audi A5 might be one of the best looking coupe sports cars with great engine choices in it's s5/rs5 variations but it's also in trouble in the near future. The Kogod index states the the A5 is only 1.5% backed by the US which means the taxes will hit it hard. Audi chose to focus more on their luxury sedans. The car is already in a fragile condition as it sees a constant decline in sales, 2016 saw 35.4%, 2015 - 22.2% and 2013 say 11% decline. VAG is not a company that will let such a negative statistic continue, so the question remains will Audi keep it's little toy in the US if Trump makes the situation even worse for it.

bmw m6

So long Brute !

One might but not look at this car and state it's their best looking model at this moment. The cars' looks are backed by a bunch of grind inducing engine choices. Unfortunately BMW has not been doing great on our turf lately. The company shows 9.5% decrease in sales and unfortunately a massive 51.5% reduced sales for the aggressive BMW 6 series. Having in mind it's index shows that only 3.5% of the car can be produced on US territory, the sixth series does not have a bright future ahead of it.

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