how has an engine this powerful been kept a secret this long

It was back in 2014 when the Mercury Marine (Who in the world is Mercury Marine) released their dual overhead cam, 4 valves per cylinder, LS concept. A LS with a dual overhead cams? Yes, and as a bonus this isn't any random error, but a planned process that was executed perfectly. As sports cars lovers we can't but just admire the performance that this thing is capable of producing! It's so hard to find modern and cool sports cars, especially domestic. But this engine is a good start. The Quad Cam setup enables the engine to inhale and exhale better, which boosts its horsepower significantly, ultimately, what most of us are looking for.

And while the company began with a LS7,  the displacement was increased to a healthy 9 liters ! This provides plenty of usable power,just imagine the price of an American car insurance for that.
The engine has also received 2 turbos and new heads that make it hit some serious horsepower numbers (1,650 hp). Unfortunately, for Bugatti there might be an actual contender stepping in for a race very soon. Just imagine it this way – every cylinder comes with over 206 horsepower, which is 1000 full horses more than a new Corvette Z06.
Most importantly – that monster thing can fit anything from a boat, a car, to a badass motorcycle. We can’t wait to see the one who first decides to exploit that engine to its full potential.
mercury engine racing block
Displacement (LITER/CU IN): 9.0/552
Bore (MM/IN): 116/4.567
Stroke (MM/IN): 107/4.213
Compression Ratio: 7.8:1
Cylinder arrangment: V-8
Alternator (AMP/WATT): 105/1481
Controller : PCM
Fuel System : Sequential Fuel Injection
Length (MM/IN): 785/30.90 (From Back of Block to Front of Engine – Crank Pulley)
Width (MM/IN): 822/32.35 (Across Timing Drive Cover) WEIGHT (LBS/KG): 699/317

Mercury says the DOHC, 4-valve outline will offer upgraded air stream, higher motor rev limits while enhancing sturdiness in light of the fact that there is less mass and decreased stretch connected with milder cam timing necessities. Quite possibly the best engine for a sport sedan.
To enhance bundling, Mercury engineers "tipped in" the fumes valve point to limit the general measurements. The fumes rib is formed indistinguishably to a stock LS3 to bolster mainstream headers, in spite of the fact that there are minor mounting point and jolt gap conformities that will must be made.
Additionally, the frill drives are tucked up as high as could reasonably be expected to dodge freedom issues with directing or body work while swapping the DOHC LS motor into well known applications.
Admission valve distance across is 43.25 mm while the fumes comes in at 35 mm. Different elements, for example, the finger supporters, cam position and oil are like the QC4.

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Most likely a skilled motor manufacturer can get those sorts of numbers from a tall-deck enormous piece Chevy, however it might require somewhat more dislodging and knotty camshaft. We don't know how will Mercury make that engine street-able, but if it does, it will kick anything in its way !

Indeed, even the model vehicle was requiring a couple of more modification and additional tuning before it would be esteemed prepared for street tests. In any case, there's little dithering in recognizing that the QC4v offers energizing potential as a one of a kind power plant for top of the line execution and show vehicles. No classic car insurance will agree to insure this. Just imagine the car insurance quote !

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