This Guy s addiction is... JDM ! Three Supras and Two GTRs

As car lovers we can't pass on this Hero's life story. Albino Hernandez is from Mexico and ever since he was young he loved the nice sports cars and luxury cars. His main life goal was to get one when he got older..

Luckily for him he now lives in Memphis Tennessee -
"I bought many cars because where I live in Memphis Tennessee there isn't that much of a car scene or high end exotic cars lifestyle. There aren't a lot of top performance cars when you go to a car event around here. "
Maybe that's why he bought, not one, not two but five JDMs to compensate and bring a balance in the force. I'm sure he'll help bring a lot of followers to the car scene in Memphis.

two gtr

But why exactly these two iconic JDM car names, the Nissan GTR and the Toyota Supra ?
"Why GTRs and Supras ? Because I love imports a lot. I have two GTRs and three Supras."

One of the GTRs as made with an exotic look specifically for a car show and the other is dominating the street life. We all know that most car collectors put them somewhere in a garage and never drive them afterwards, but this is not the case. Our hero believes that cars are meant to be driven and cool sports cars are made to be raced. That's why he has two racing Supras. The first one is a dragster, but his favorite one is a silver beast made exactly for racing !

"I always wanted to race at car events like WannaGoFast and TX2K so I build the silver Supra to 1200hp and will race it at tx2k."

silver supra

The "Silver Supra" is an amazing sports car, it's a fully build beast that has taken a lot of time to complete ! Listed bellow are the specs of the car, the so called :

Car Menu

Starting from back to front

Trd 3.13 differential
Carbon fiber driveshaft
Ttc triple pump hangar with 3 walbro 450
V160 getrag
Rps twin carbon clutch
Bc racing coilovers custom valved like hks drag
Phr abs delete
Phr power steering reservoir
Phr aluminum pulley
Ocd works valve cover set
C&C motorsports custom gt55r 91mm t6 turbo kit with 5" stainless straight pipe.
Aem infinity 8
Flex fuel
5bar map
Fuel pressure
Rolling antilag
Traction control
Boost on dial
Hypertune race port intake manifold
C&C motorsports ported race head
Kelford methanol cams 302/292
Ferrea valvetrain
Ferrea 1mm oversize valve
Ferrea dual valve spring
C&C motorsports custom 6" intercooler 1500+hp

Real street 1600hp piston 10.25:1
"Boat anchor" .300" wrist pins
Carrillo hd h-beam rods
Real street billet main cap
Arp main stud
Stock crank
Ati crank dampener
Arp 625
Oem oil pump
Oem head gasket
Gates blue racing timing belt

big block

Stock clutch fan
Oem AC
Power steering
Tial bov
Twin precision wastegates
Tundra 130amp alternator
Weld racing 15x10
Weld racing 17x9
Albino Hernandez
C&C motorsports catch can
Shimless buckets
Brad penn grade 20w-50
Direct port nitrous express.
Defi oil pressure and oil temperature gauges.
Sparco racing torino 2 seats
From Memphis Tennessee
Built and assembled by chris denunzio C&C motorsports

Total Toyota Supra horsepower = 1200hp

You can follow our hero's story at @memphis_streetracing or at @streetrunnersgroup on instagram.
Just for you we are adding a few pics of the Toyota Supra ,






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