The world’s most powerful SUV will have the mighty 500 hp and 1,000 Newton Meters of torque available to use from just 1,000 revs per minute !This is a no easy task, especially when you have in mind that there is no turbo-lag that was achieved with the help of two Turbos, which are actually require 48v battery systems in order to spin up, and do not rely on exhaust gases, thus effectively eliminating turbo lag once and for all !

Electric Turbo's push 500hp and 1,000nM of torque!

With this new technology even the biggest SUV will move with ease !
The same 48-volt system that allows the electric compressor to function is also juicy enough to run an electro-mechanical active anti-roll system – basically the same as that fitted to the Bentley Bentayga (which shares the Q7’s platform). This comes as an optional extra on the SQ7 as part of a driving dynamics package that also includes a torque-vectoring sport differential at the rear and four-wheel steering. In combination, these have a tendency to make Einstein look like he was off his head.

The setup easily hits 70,000 rpm and provides you with boost in just 250 milliseconds, which will eliminate the traditional turbo lag. The battery powering the system is a 7kW setup.

Technically speaking Audi will not call this a Turbo nor a Compressor, because the turbo is driven by the exhaust gasses and in the same time it’s not a supercharger either. They are naming their creation a Turbo Compressor because it creates forced induction electrically. But who actually cares, they are creating tons of BOOST after all !

Diesel SUVs might not sound interesting at all, but have in mind that this two ton vehicle is moved from 0-60 in just 4.8 seconds ! The new SQ7 engine is a downsized version of the oldschool 4.2 litre TDI. Suv interior .

audi dash
photo source : Audi UK

This new tech will also be used in the upcoming Audi RS4 – the supercar chaser – which has the hard task of competing in its own niche with the new Mercedes C63 and the latest BMW M3 , as for the SQ7 it has a bit of an advantage against the BMW’s 550d triple-turbo diesel !

The car was tested on the Nurburgring last June and it delivers astonishing performance, the acceleration times of 4.8 sec for going from 0-60 were recorded there !

Although the car is very powerful and it has to carry around a heavy curb, that car manages to consume only 7.4 L per 100 kilometers or in other words it manages a combined cycle of 32 miles per gallon and only 312g/ per 100km of CO2 emissions.

The emission laws are getting tighter as we speak, and manufacturers find it very hard to make powerful cars but the AUDI German car is doing quite well !

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